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Posted by Michelle Currier on Tuesday, 20 August 2019


Feeling the Feelings

Cute Mix

Cash, Grass, or Yass - Recorded with Danny White at Poorboys


Streaming Live

You will find most of the Cream Dream Productions and other affiliated parties being live streamed here. Can't attend, don't wanna leave your couch, or just wanna check if anyone is there yet. You found the site to answer that!


What it do

So what is Cream Dream Productions? Well I guess it's a way for me to do some weird and hopefully rad parties. I needed to have a name for the production side of Nice Rack so here it is. To more fun shit in the world!!!


Shit what else...

Yo thanks for tuning in. I hope you dig what you saw and hit us up if you wanna partake in the fun. Until next time Ciao Ciao.

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Every Tuesday is Spin Cycle